verge magazine

Timeline : 23 weeks
11 weeks
Preliminary Research
12 weeks  
Design & Production

Roles :
Art Direction
Print Design
Data Visualization
Print Production

Tools :

Overview :

VERGE is a quarterly art and science publication marketed towards the curious minds. The magazine provides an eye-opening perspective into unique art forms, methodology, inspiration and resource. All of it’s content is centered around bridging the gap between science and art, showing that in actuality the two fields are intertwined and harmonious with each other in more ways than one.

This assignment was all encompassing, I was responsible for market research, concept development, content collection, design and production. There was a minimum page requirement of 48 and great emphasis placed on consistency throughout the publication. Additionally, when doing concept research I had to make sure the subject was broad enough so that the thematic content could be repeated from issue to issue.


Objectives :

My main goal with VERGE was to do justice to the content through my design. Given the scale of the project I also wanted to exercise good project management and working within strict self-set timelines.

Concept & Challenge :

VERGE Volume 1.01 is the Microscopy Issue. Through interviews, artist exposes, photo essays and beyond 1.01 exposes the smallest fragments of existence in their raw and untainted forms. Showing us how scientific advances are fueling creative thinking and execution while inspiring readers to look further into all of these less-explored areas of study.

Sourcing articles for VERGE proved to be my biggest challenge. During my compilation phase I found a lot of great imagery, but it was difficult for me to find creative projects that had specific ties to microscopy. I expanded my scope to projects and artists works that had strong scientific backings, not necessarily linked directly to microscopy but that had correlation in some way. This proved to be extremely helpful.

Solution :

VERGE is defined as an edge or border and is synonymous to brink, rim and margin. The look and feel of the publication is calculated and scientific in every way, even down to the image captions which resemble mathematical notations.

For my magazine I created a set of glyphs that act as section dividers as well as stand alone graphic elements that are used to anchor page layouts. I drew inspiration from scientific abbreviations that I came across during the research phase of this assignment. I chose to use uncomplicated shapes and applied them differently in each composition while experimenting with closure and proximity.

To make the content the focal point I used a lot of negative space and relied heavily on the grid to frame each element. All graphics and typography are either black or white, I wanted the only additional colors to come from the images.

Overall I was very pleased with how this project turned out, it was a huge turning point for me in discovering my personal style.