My name is McKenna Nicole Green, it’s nice to meet you. My goal as a designer is to come up with innovative and unique solutions to complex problems. In my work, I strive to find a balance between experimentation, the unexpected and

I’m fascinated by human phycology and figuring out what resonates with people.

I grew up in a multicultural environment, I believe that has shaped the way I see the world, and the way I approach Design.

I’m a visual designer based in Seattle, WA.

My goal, as a designer, is to strike a balance between….

As I human…

Hello, I’m McKenna Nicole, a Visual Designer based in Seattle, WA. Growing up in a multicultural environment enables me to approach projects from a multifaceted perspective. I specialize in concepting and creating brand identities, systems design, print
design and editorial layout. I'm trilingual and I enjoy traveling, architecture and music. I currently work at Seattle startup, TraceMe as a Visual Designer.