portshowlio 2017
branding + collateral

Logo Design    Melody Hirsch.



Concept Development
Print Design


Every year the graduating class at the Seattle Central Creative Academy concepts and produces their own portfolio show, titled Portshowlio. I was fortunate enough to be part of the branding team with Caitlin Willhoite (lead), Jake Breish, Victoria Kovios, Liz McCarty, Lauren March, Jenni Sands, Megan Falcon, Peter Wogstad & Melody Hirsch. I was primarily responsible for developing the visual tone of the show, copywriting and creating collateral items for the exhibition such as the show booklet.



With multidimensional as our overarching theme we strove to envision and create a brand that was bold, modern and experiential. Our focus was on ensuring that the branding and execution would act as a canvas for each graduates work to shine. With that in mind we created a brand that appeals to all ages, demographics and disciplines of both photography and design.



Our approach took shape as a modern, gallery like aesthetic with ample negative space. Bright colors are used as accents in collateral items and as indicators of a new space in the exhibition. In addition to the colors, textural halftone photographs are used in black and white as a pattern element for both collateral and exhibit applications. The logo exists in three forms and is used accordingly depending on context and scale. We chose two modern sans serif typefaces that are employed with lots of contrast in weight and scale to emphasize the boldness of the brand.




brand keywords


Brand Character


Visual Character


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concept statement


The graduating class of Seattle Central Creative Academy is proud to present Portshowlio 2017. Over the past two years, students have been honing their abilities in an intensive learning environment, preparing to take on the creative industry. Portshowlio is both a visual presentation and a curated experience.

From photography to design, whether utilizing traditional techniques or exploring future-facing technology, this group of talented graduates is anything but one-dimensional. This show captures the many facets of their collaboration and dedication.


Save the Date Email Marketing    Designed by Mariah Irwin & Nathaniel Bergstein

Promotional Poster    Designed by Mariah Irwin


Printed Collateral Suite


2017 Class Enamel Pins  Designed by McKenna Nicole, Jenni Sands & Megan Falcon


Print Invitation    Designed by Amy Ray & Clarita Hinjosa

Complimentary Parking Pass    Professional Night - June 14th


Postcard    Designed by Nathaniel Bergstein

Branded Pens    Designed by McKenna Nicole, Jenni Sands & Megan Falcon