Snow falling on cedars
play poster



Poster Design


Snow Falling on Cedars is a post WWII book set in the Pacific Northwest. The plot is rich and intertwining, centered around the death of a respected community fisherman. A Japanese-American, Kabuo Miyamoto is accused of his murder, putting greater strains on the cultural tension in the small town. Through all of this, the main character Ishmael Chambers is tested by his love for the wife of the accused, Hatsue. Both Ishmael and Hatsue have to make choices that will shape the outcome of the trial.




The Japanese-American cultural aspect is a huge theme in the play, I chose to experiment with my own interpretation of Japanese painting and pattern in the form of an abstract illustration. 



The poster depicts a snowy Pacific Northwest landscape that converges at a body of water. The landscape and all of it’s elements are symbolic of the underlying narratives in Snow Falling on Cedars and how each part of the story determines the outcome. The typography is quiet in size and tone, allowing the artwork to command attention. The cool colors set the tone for the time of year, while the vibrant red acts as an accent, eluding to something sinister. The sun and the two wooden posts emerging from the body of water are highlighted to represent Ishmael and Hatsue.