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At TraceMe, we are building the world’s first superfan platform, giving fans exclusive access to elite athletes, artists and celebrities. Founded by Russell Wilson, Super Bowl champion and Seattle Seahawks quarterback, and led by CEO Jason LeeKeenan, former Hulu and Zulily executive, we’re a unique team of builders, passionate about reinventing traditional social media for the mobile-first superfan.




Annette and I made this campaign as much about the art as it is about the music. In Decibels previous years the marketing team focused heavily on the latter, most people were unaware of it's artistic elements. We created texture with imagery and type, while pushing the experimental aspect of our campaign to convey the experience that a Decibel-goer might have. 



A timeless logo provides brand recognition, the manner in which it is applied does not detract from the designs. Black and white with the addition of textural shapes created with oil spills reflect the edgy, hidden beauty of Decibel. Oil spills refract light which give them their color, colors that have strong ties to early experimental electronic and psychedelic music. That combined with their fluidity in shape make them an excellent embodiment of the Decibel atmosphere. Unique typographic treatments give the campaign a modern tone that is both stable and dynamic.