verge magazine
the intersection of art & science

Product Photographer Cameron M. Fletcher



Concept Development
Art Direction
Print Design


VERGE is a quarterly art and science publication. The magazine provides an eye-opening perspective on unique art forms, methodology and inspiration. It’s content is centered around bridging the gap between science and art, showing that in actuality the two fields interact.




Volume 1.01 is the Microscopy Issue. Through interviews, artist exposes, photo essays and beyond 1.01 exposes the smallest fragments of existence in their raw and untainted forms. Showing us how scientific advances are fueling creative thinking and execution while inspiring readers to look further into all of these less-explored areas of study.



Verge is defined as an edge or border. The look and feel of the publication is calculated and scientific, down to the image captions which resemble mathematical notations. Large images and fields of negative space make the content the focal point of the publication. All color is derived from the imagery creating high impact in every spread. Glyphs act as section dividers as well as stand alone elements, composed of uncomplicated shapes that are repeated, but treated differently in each composition.