washington state ferries
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Washington State Ferries is a government-run agency under the Washington State Department of Transportation. The WSF system is the largest fleet of ferries in the US and the 4th largest in the world. Compromised of 23 vessels carrying 10.5 million vehicles and 23 million passengers annually, WSF services eight counties and British Columbia. The WSF are a trusted, no frills Pacific Northwest institution that millions of people rely on for a variety of transportation needs.




Maintaining a level of utility and structure was important as the company is a government agency. I chose to focus on what a ferry rider might experience on a vessel as I was creating assets for the brand. This took shape in the form of rocks, water, hills and mountains.



The monochromatic color palette in combination with monospaced lines and simple geometry give the Washington State Ferries brand a modernized look and feel. Classic sans serif typography is used to add a stable and structured character to the brand identity. Contrast in color fields and negative space elevate the impact of the designs. Moving forward, the cohesion and consistency of the campaign will rely on the Brand Guidelines for creation and application references.