words from you.
poster booklet

Product Photographer Cameron M Fletcher



Concept Development
Art Direction
Print Design


In 2014 I began writing down things I heard my friends say, either because they made me laugh or because they were things I wanted to remember. I decided to turn these micro interactions into a personal project in 2016, to make the quotes more than words; attaching them to something tangible. We all have memories connected to mental images of places and people. They remind us of moments in time, brief instances that have resonated with us for reasons we can’t always explain. Pieces from the people we cross paths with in life become embedded in who we are. Words from You is unique to me, but we all have words that are uniquely ours.




I gravitated towards finding a way to juxtapose seriousness and humor. A lot of the quotes are funny, to elevate this I wanted to make the humor understated in the supporting visual elements, creating an unexpected contrast.



For the first edition I created a series of 12 posters. The posters are bound in a 12.5"x16" oversized booklet and each one has a perforated edge so they can be torn out and displayed. Black and white combined with sans serif typography heightens the serious aspect, while the oversized book and written content evoke the humorous side of the project. Line compositions and repeated geometric shapes illustrate the quotes in an abstract way, reinforcing the hidden humor.


He's a taco with no spice  Sydney Green 07/14

Skin contact is happening  Clayton Crenshaw & Colten Rogers 08/14


You can do anything in 28 minutes  Liz McCarty 04/15


For all the pear lovers out there    Andrew Engen 10/15

Dude I was past toasted... I was burnt    Sydney Green 11/16


I just wanna see Mother Nature tear some shit up    Jeffrey Lake 09/16

You are the sky behind the storm, you're not the storm    Aj Hanneld 10/16


That's what the snow feels like to me, like everything has soft edges    Cameron Fletcher 12/16

Dad you're not very tall... I'm as tall as Mike Tyson so let's just leave it at that    Grace Green & Michael Green


You want a dude that will strain the pot    Brenna Dart 01/17


You don't have to hit it with a pretty stick    Julia McNamara 01/17

Let's take it to 11    Jake Breish & Justin Slagle 03/17